What's the advantages of stainless steel press pipe fittings? Jan 10, 2023

Stainless steel press pipe fittings have two kinds of profiles that are M profile press pipe fittings and V profile press pipe fittings. Both of them have below advantages:


 01 Green and healthy

Stainless steel material is a kind of recognized healthy material can be implanted into the human body, can meet the national health standards of direct drinking water, and can be 100% recycled.

 02 Reliable connection

The connection is reliable and safe, the pressing type connection has a high strength and good vibration resistance. The connecting part is ‘dead’ to avoid the possibility of loose.


03 Convenient of construction

It is convenient and fast to avoid on-site welding, wiring or rolling groove operation.As long as using the special hydraulic tools, clamping and connecting can be easily completed, saving time, labor and cost, and a high successful rate of installation.

04 Healthy and eco-friendly

The pipe fittings are all made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of EPDM or silicone rubber, which has good healthy and eco-friendly performance and long service life.

05 Connection diversity

System compatibility is strong. Variety of press type pipe fittings can be used with different valves, water nozzles, water meters, water pumps, and can be connected with the existing pipeline systems.

06 Reliable connection

It’s free of renewal and maintenance, superior economic performance, with 50-70 years of service life design and high reliability design. In the service period of the building, it is almost no need to update the pipeline system maintenance, which is cost saving and will reduce various losses extremely.

07 Scope of application

It has a wide range of application that is suitable for cold and hot water, direct drinking water, heating, air conditioning, fire, gas and other civil low pressure fluid transport and can also be used in medicine, beverage, food, chemical and other industries of low pressure fluid transport.

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