3-A sanitary for stainless steel pipes Dec 27, 2023


Who is 3-A sanitary certificate?

The 3-A Sanitary certification was initiated and issued by 3A Sanitary Standards Corporation (3-A SSI), a non-profit cooperative organization dedicated to advancing the hygienic design of equipment used in food production, beverage production equipment, dairy equipment, and medical industry equipment etc, which primarily promotes food hygienic and public safety.

3-A mark is a registration mark. It is used to certify that the materials, sanitary design, manufacturing and assembly processes of the equipment is comply with 3-A requirements and affixed the 3-A label. Because of its high acceptance, 3-A has now become a passport to the U.S. food, dairy and pharmaceutical hygiene equipment markets and a symbol of quality products worldwide.

We applied this as we are a manufacturer of the stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings. Such as sanitary stainless steel pipe and seamless ultra cleaning stainless steel pipes etc are meet the stringent sanitary requirements outlined by 3A SSI. It have the great helpful for our productions come into the international marketing.


3-A Authentication process

1.     We contacted with PI-FS to do the TPV services, they give us all paper requirements.

2.     Ensure all devices that we used is compliance to the 3-A sanitary standard, including the tubing materials.

3.     PI-FS arranged the CCE to do the PTV testing and signed the report if all are correct and meet the requirement.

4.     Fill in the application form and submit it together with the TPV report and other documents to 3-ASSI for 3-A mark authorization.

5.     You will get the 3-A certificate from 3-A SSI.


We are factory and worked at stainless steel pipe market and run the trading business over 10 years, weclome to contact with us if any interested in the stainless steel tube and fittings. 

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