Stainless steel pipe degrease and passivation Nov 16, 2023

Stainless steel pipe degrease and passivation

Stainless steel pipes degrease processing is an important step in ensuring cleanliness, promoting quality welds, facilitating coating adhesion, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the finished product. It helps maintain the desirable properties of stainless steel, including its corrosion resistance and hygienic qualities. Specifically for the pipe who transit the pure oxygen, the oil or grease easy to set off the explode.


Degreasing formula solution: Each litre liquid contains Na2OH 20~30g, NNaO3 35~50g, Na2SiO3 3~5g.

Processing: Solution temperature on 70~80 degree, soaking time is according to the size of oil area on surface of the pipe than determined what test method is good for. 10 min~40 min in generally and adopt the steam heating method.


Use the clean and dry filter paper to wipe the surface of the pipe, the paper is qualified without grease traces;Checking the vapor-washed condensate with 100% camphor less than 1mm, and it is qualified by it continuous rotation;

Ultraviolet light with wave length 3200 ~ 3800 to irradiate the surface of the degrease stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, no grease fluorescence is qualified. After the degrease treatment, the oil on the surface of the pipeline can be removed.



Passivation is a method used to treat metals and alloys to enhance corrosion resistance. The process involves the formation of a protective oxide layer on the surface of the metal, which helps prevent further corrosion and degradation.

Processing: Solution is liquid NNaO2 concentration 8% ~ 10%, NH4OH concentration 2%, stainless steel pipe and fittings soak in 10min.


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