I should be a good cook--enjoying the interesting life Jun 06, 2023

I should be a good cook--enjoying the interesting life

Today, when I was chatting with my customer, he asked a question: Did you cook? "Yes, of course." without any hesitate. I do some cakes even if.  It is normal things in life, special for women.  But when I turn back to see this question now, I find that I really did not spent some more times on family and life. In the passed 15 years, works are the whole life, so I want to change it beginning of today, I shoule be love the interesting life in first. As a mather、wife, I should be a good cook, it will be more popular for family,hahaha. 

Today I tried to make the vegetarian buns, with long beans, eggs, fungus etc, share some photos to you here, hope we can take a break from the works and enjoy the life.

And my girl invited her little friend have dinner together. I have got a like from them. 

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