What's different between standard ASTM and AISI? Jun 08, 2023

What's different between standard ASTM and AISI? 


For the steel production, we often see some inquiry title is ASTM316 and AISI316L,special for the stainless steel pipe and fitting productions. What's different between this 2 standards?

ASTM is a standards organization that creates and publishes technical standards for a range of industries and products. AISI, on the other hand, is an association of steel producers that develops and promotes steel-specific standards and guidelines.

In terms of their standards and guidelines, ASTM tends to focus on a broader range of industries and materials, while AISI is primarily concerned with steel and related materials. In addition, ASTM standards tend to be more widely recognized and adopted globally, while AISI standards may have more of an industry-specific focus.

Overall, both ASTM and AISI play important roles in establishing standards and guidelines for various industries and are important resources for manufacturers, engineers, and other professionals involved in product design and development.

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