How to find the new marketing and make the marketing investigation. Jul 19, 2023

How to find the new marketing and make the marketing investigation.

I am a seller and worked on production of mirror frame over 12 years. I love my job but I have gave up my old production and have the new beginning of stainless steel tube and fittings this July. Maybe it is not bad to try some new productions. 

I concentrate on the marketing investigation now, I want to show my work fashions:

A. Define the objectives: Mainly is for the data of import and export. We have bought it as the free data is hard to get the consquence what we want. This fashion will save the time and data is ture; 

B. Identify the target market: With the data's help, I focus on 2-3 markets. Try to contact with the location buyers to know more about the purchase fashions, Languages, exhibitions and where country they often import and etc. 

C. Collect and sort out the data: production official language in this country, parameters, standards, the production is depend on import or just get the raw material from other country...

D. Collect the exhibition information: Go to the offical to get the visitors information, most of them are correct buyer; visit the neighboring country's exhibition. 

This is what works I am in doing now, learning more about the production and marketing, than go to develop the customer by email, calling, what's app. Wish every new people can get the first order in a short time. 

We are factory and mainly produce the stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, welcome to contact with us and thank you. 




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