SW socket welded stainless steel pipe fittings Jul 25, 2023

SW socket welded -----  stainless steel socket elbows

Socket welded pipe fittings, also known as socket weld fittings, are a type of pipe fittings that are designed to be welded to the pipe by inserting the pipe into a socket-like opening of the fitting. The joint is then welded from the inside to create a strong and permanent connection. 

Socket weld pipe fittings are used to permanently join pipes that are inserted into a recess in the fitting, flange or valve. Once correctly inserted, fillet type sealing welds are applied to join the pipe to the fitting.

Socket weld fittings differ according to the pipe diameters and orientation they allow, meaning wide pipes can be joined to narrower ones and a pipe network can change direction or include branches. Socket weld fittings also include different coupling thread arrangements, as shown below:

Socket welded elbow, Socket welded tee, Socket welded union, Full coupling & half coupling, Sockolet, Socket welded caps, Socket welded reducers, Socket welded flanges etc. 

Advantage of the socket welded fittings:

Socket welded pipe fittings offer advantages such as a strong and permanent connection, resistance to leakage, and suitability for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. However, it's important to ensure proper installation and welding techniques to maintain the integrity of the connections and ensure optimal performance.

Socket weld fittings have a number of inherent advantages for joining pipes, including:


  • The socket easily enables proper alignment, meaning that tack welds are not needed to align the pipes for welding
  • Socket weld fittings have a lower risk of leakage than threaded fittings
  • The socket design means that weld metal does not flow into the pipe bore
  • Socket weld fittings are cheaper to install than butt weld fittings, as they do not require special machining due to the more relaxed dimensional requirements.
  • Application and used:
  • SW pipe fittings can be used in pipelines to transport  corrosive fluids ,flammable, toxic or hazardous chemicals safely due to the lowered risk of leakage compared to other joining techniques.
  • Socket weld pipe fittings are divided according to material type, such as alloy or carbon steel and stainless steel pipes. The different types of fitting lend themselves to different applications, whether couplings, reducers, reducing and regular socket weld tees, elbows, or flanges, with each available in different material types.



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