Welded sanitary tube ASTM A270 & DIN11850---ТРУБЫ СВАРНЫЕ Jul 05, 2023

Welded sanitary tube ASTM A270 & DIN11850---ТРУБЫ СВАРНЫЕ

Stainless steel sanitary pipe and tube, welded pipe with competitive price and good quality. 

Specification for sanitary tube ASTM A270:

ASTM A270 covers seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel sanitary tube intended for use in the dairy and food industry, as well as in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. It including the stainless steel Grade 304, 304l, 316, 316l and there grade are chosen for their corrosion resistance, durability and compatibility with hygienic applications.

Surface Finish: ASTM A270 specifies the required surface finish for sanitary tube. The surface finish is categorized using numbers such as 20Ra or 32Ra, which represent the arithmetical average roughness of the surface. A lower number indicates a smoother surface. 

Processing craft: Welded, bright annealing, inside and outside polished, inside bead reamoving and etc.


Mechanical Properties: The tubing must meet certain minimum mechanical properties, including tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation. These properties ensure the structural integrity and reliability of the tubing.

Heat Treatment: The specification allows for heat treatment methods such as solution annealing or stress-relieving annealing to improve the tubing's mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Quality Asurance: ASTM A270 outlines the testing and inspection requirements for sanitary tube. These include the visual inpsection,diameter and wall thickness inspection, mechanical properties testing, non-destructive examination methods, eddy current testing, intergranular corrosion testing and etc.

Hydrostatic or Nondestructive Electric Test, each tube shall be subjected to the nondestructive electric test or the hydrostatic test. The type of test to be used shall be at the option of the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified in the purchase order.

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