Stainless steel electrolytic polishing (EP) Sep 14, 2023

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing (EP)

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing is mainly to take the pipe as the anode, take insoluble metal as the cathode, the two poles are immersed in the electrolytic polishing tank at the same time, through direct current, resulting in selective anode dissolution, anode surface brightness increases, this process is the opposite of the plating process.


The theory is mainly as follows: the metal ions separated from the stainless steel pipe and the phosphoric acid in the polishing liquid form a phosphate film adsorbed on the surface of the pipe. This kind of mucosa is thinner at the bulge and thicker at the concave. Due to the high current density at the bulge, the surface roughness is gradually smoothed.


Product technology:

pipe→ (degrease and derusting → purity washing → drying) → electrolytic polishing → washing →acid passivation → washing → neutralization → washing.


Electrochemical polishing compared with mechanical polishing, advantage as following:

1.     Product inside and outside looks very smooth, bright and colours are harmony;

2.     The burrs in the threads dissolve and fall off in the electrolytic polishing process, and the threads are loosened to prevent the phenomenon of biting between the threads;

3.     Enhanced the properties of durable and corrosion resistance;

4.     High production efficiency and low production cost.


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