Is it worth for the oversea exhibition during the stage of the slowdown economy? Aug 17, 2023

Is it worth for the oversea exhibition during the stage of the slowdown economy?

In the first half of this year, we have been to some regions like Mumbai, Egypt, Algeria, Atlanta, Cologne and Hanover Germany to participate the exhibitions and visit customers.We mainly produce 304/316L stainless steel tubes, welded pipes,  pipe fittings, BA EP grade pipes and seamless buttweld fittings. And we are ready to Vietnam and Thailand in the second half of this year. It had been a long time since they had participated in overseas trade shows. For new people who are in this profession, they may not have had the opportunity to directly communicate with buyers face-to-face. However, in the second half of last year, many foreign traders began to go abroad to attend the exhibitions and hope to get more orders. In the first half of this year, I also noticed a significant change. Everyone is working hard, spending half a month and even if a month stay at abroad without stopping.

We all went out together, boss and sales manager who are driving from one country to another. However, maybe we have the same feelings. While we participated in exhibitions and visited clients with the hope of getting orders, it wasn't as easy as we had hoped. In the past, it was indeed possible to secure significant orders on the spot at the exhibition, and some clients even placed immediate orders and paid a deposit. However, now all looks are difficults. Some buyers ask for the more better payment terms as there is no funds. Other buyers simply take business cards and product catalogs, they visit multiple factories to compare prices and negotiate for lower prices. As a result, many factories attend exhibitions mainly to maintain relationships with old customers and try to generate more orders


The conversion rate of exhibitions is getting more and more lower, many friends is beginning to concerns more. Is it really worth to attend trade shows now? It can be said that it is worth, because that have the meeting with buyers and conversion with them face to face, even if a smile and shake hands, both of them are the excellent opportunity to build trust for each other. After all, it will have the good impression. Additionally, it helps to expand the visibility and reputation of our company. It's true that the time to secure deals at exhibitions may be need longer times, as customer demand has indeed decreased. Some of the new order we recently cooperated is came from the exhibitions in March, and time has indeed stretched too long compared to the past. Some major projects are still under negotiation, and results may not be immediate. However, at least there is hope, and it is necessary to persist and let customers know that they have a strong supplier supporting them. I have a friend worked for food industry, the sales team has been to South America at beginning of August and will back at beginning of Oct. So it is worth and effective ways to develop the oversea market.

The above is just my personal opinion and does not represent all companies and products. Everyone can make their own judgment based on the market because the cost of attending exhibitions and visiting clients abroad is also significant. I sincerely wish every hardworking foreign traders can successfully get their own orders, and I also wish every customer can find suitable factories.

I am Lisa and from ZK METAL PIPE, if any need for the stainless steel tubes and the related fittings, pls do not hesitate to contact with us. Know more about us and welcome to visit



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