Are stainless steel welded pipes same as seamless steel pipes? Jan 30, 2023

Not same, the main differences are the following 5 points:

·         1. Production process

Stainless steel welded pipe is made of steel plate, or steel belt after a series of construction welding. According to the different welding methods, stainless steel welded pipe can be divided into straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe. While seamless steel pipe makes use of round steel perforation as raw material, and then bears the cold rolling, hot extrusion and other ways of production.

·         2, Appearance

The precision of stainless steel welded pipe is relatively high, the wall thickness is more balanced, the brightness on the inside and outside surface of the pipe is also relatively higher, which can be customized for any sizes. The precision of seamless steel pipe is relatively low, the wall thickness is not balanced, the brightness will be relatively lower, the cost of customization will be more.

·         3. Welding performance

Welded Stainless steel pipe contains silicon, manganese, oxygen and other components conducive to welding, and the whole weld can be welded thoroughly. But seamless steel pipe is not conducive to welding chemical materials, easy to produce instability in welding, increase the difficulty of welding.

·         4. Pipeline strength

The strength of the pipe depends on the composition of the alloy. If the contained composition is same, and the heat treatment is also same, then the strength of the stainless steel welded pipe and seamless steel pipe is almost same.

·         5. Application differences

The surface effect of welded stainless steel pipe is very good, can be used for prop pipe, or product pipe, for transportation of gas, air, oil, etc. And seamless steel pipe has good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, which can be used in large equipment or engineering to transfer fluid pipeline and can also be used in nuclear power plants.

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