ZK metal pipe company has entered into the Semiconductor field Aug 10, 2023

ZK metal pipe company has entered into the Semiconductor field

As the technologys accelerated developing, we are not satistfied with the existing state of stainless steel tube and related fittings market, we are very interested in the semiconductor materials-high-end stainless steel productions. And we are very confidence for our technology and service after get the successful cooperation with the AERO-TECH  company. 

We are attend the 2023 INTEGRANTED CIRCULT(WUXI) INNOVATION AND CONFERENCE today, the experts showed the tend of semiconductors and integrated circult marketings, meanwhile, the renewable energy industry's accelerated development moved this field more active too. Today, many countries has committed to the renewable energy explosed and development, it will instead of the fossil fuel to a certain extent. 

Semiconductors are materials that possess electrical conductivity between that of a conductor (such as metal) and an insulator (such as rubber). They are a vital component in the field of electronics and play a critical role in the operation of various electronic devices.

Semiconductors have greatly impacted society by enabling the development of advanced electronics and information technology. The continuous advancement of semiconductor technology, characterized by Moore's Law, has led to increasingly powerful and energy-efficient devices with greater integration and functionality.

Weclome to contact with us if any needed. We are factory and mainly produce the stainless steel tubes/pipe and stainless steel pipe fittings.

Such as BA, EP tubes; double-pressed stainless steel pipe fittings; scoket pipe fittings; ring-pressed pipe fittings; single-pressed pipe fitting; grooved pipe fittings; flange , valves and the related fittings.

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